A crucial component to the successful future of Labour Unions’ is meeting the challenge of engaging its members. Holding digital elections is one way to engage the rank and file to become fully active participants in the union’s operations. As members engage and voice their opinions the union develops a grass roots communication that allows the union and its members to connect. It is that connection that allows the union to grow and that makes the union strong.

Leveraging these digital tools provides the union with transparency and accountability, as each vote is confirmed, members cannot vote twice, results are accurate and auditable, and are provided to you in report and graph form at the end of the election. Having a third party conduct the elections, in coordination with designated union members serves to legitimize the process. We provide secure, fully managed elections from start to finish.

To best tailor our system to the needs of unions we have developed an easy to use digital voting solution that allows members to vote on a phone, laptop, or computer from any place that an internet is available, and at their convenience. Our excellence in customer service has helped unions significantly increase their participation rate, and lower their costs.

National and Provincial Governments

Municipal Governments

County/Regional Governments

Other Governments

• A Reliable and Trustworthy Voting Experience – Confirmation your vote has been received & only recorded once

• Excellence in Customer Relations in our Responsiveness to Your Queries

• Anonymous Voting

• Auditable Results Available – Insure Transparency and Integrity

• Promote Candidate Bios and Pictures on the Ballot with Your Branding

• Linked to Your Website

Integrated Voters’ List

Portal Integration – Add a voting link to your website to encourage voter engagement.

Promote your party’s values when we link your logo to the ballot. Make your voice heard as you customize the notices to voters and ballots in the language the best represents your party.

Email Delivery is tested before the election to maximize potential voters and ensure that they reach their intended vote.

Publish report and graph results on your website through your website link.

It’s Easy! – Strata Corporations pass a motion to allow electronic meetings such as Zoom and use Reliable Voting to vote.

Effective April 17, 2020 all strata corporations can now hold electronic meetings and hearings during the pandemic.

The Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General issued an order on April 15, 2020 under the Emergency Program Act enabling all strata corporations to conduct electronic meetings, including Annual General Meetings, Special General Meetings, strata council meetings and hearings during the provincial state of emergency. (Note: prior to the pandemic, many strata corporations had bylaws, including the Standard Bylaws, which enabled strata councils to hold strata council meetings electronically).”

Elect members to the Board of Directors

  • The method practised when electing the directors of a corporation is cumulative voting. Each shareholder is usually entitled to one vote per share multiplied by the number of directors that are to be elected. Often known as proportional voting, cumulative voting is useful since you may submit all of your votes to one candidate.
  • Whether you are approving the notes from the previous meeting, or in a special meeting to vote on the removal of an executive, on a legal matter, or another issue that requires your urgent attention, rest assured that shareholders can vote with the confidence that our secure voting platform will reflect their decisions that can significantly affect their financial investments.

Whether you are administering the vote on: 

  • Mergers & Acquisitions,
  • Payments of Dividends or New Securities,
  • Stock Compensation Plans,
  • Sizable shifts in Company Goals,
  • Executive Salaries and Benefits,
  • Stock Compensation Plans,
  • Corporate Structural Changes, or 
  • Stock Splits

We understand that for you to make decisions that are in your best interest of all concerned, and keep everyone safe from Covid 19, the company will likely have to have a rule ratification in order for shareholders to vote digitally. If you haven’t yet, now is the time to simplify your voting by joining the many companies who already hold electronic voting. 

As we specialize in fully managed voting, we make the process simple & productive for the shareholders and administrators. We maintain your election integrity by providing a third party, anonymous, auditable platform. For extra security, all shareholder information is authenticated, secure on our platform and permanently deleted from our system once the results have been given and we have received written instruction from you to do so. We do keep the administrators contact information on hand. 

Leadership Elections, General Decision Making

Traditionally, it was difficult to hold a vote from such a wide range of geographical locations with busy members.

  • Our digital platform allows voting to be done in the comfort of their homes or where ever they may be, providing that they have an internet connection. Members can use a computer, laptop or smartphone.

The Bar Association seeks to maintain a collegial, respectful, and fair elections for the Board of Directors, Executive Committee officers and members, as well as, the Vice President, Section Chairs, Committee and Subcommittee Chairs.

  • This spirit can be cultivated with our highly secure voting platform and transparent voting system. Our system is backed up regularly, and backups are in difference geographical locations.
  • For added security, we permanently delete all members’ records after the results have been given and we have written instructions from you to do so. We only keep the names and contact information of the administrators.
  • Candidates Bios and photos are uploaded to a secure page, automatically linked with the CBA election website.
  • We work with The Chief Electoral Officer to assist in determining if any members are in violation of the Bar’s guidelines.
    For voting on various ballots, voters may be sorted into different groups.

Our Voting outcomes guard your Administrator’s integrity.

  • Members can only vote once. There are no spoiled ballots.
  • Our voting platform is auditable.
  • Results are provided in verifiable numeric and graphical forms.
  • The Administrator’s activity is tracked.
  • Voter identification and ballots are verified and submission of ballots are acknowledged.
Students Union & Club Elections, Alumni Boards, Staff Votes

Post Secondary students have given reasons for their lack of voting on being occupied with life’s challenges, living apart from home and lack of awareness of the voting process, or transportation issues.

Our voting platform:

  • Makes the process simple and more accessible to post secondary students.
  • Increases the participation rate of young people aged 18-30.
  • Is less costly to administer than traditional methods.
  • Insures that as long as you have an internet connection that you can vote from anywhere.
  • Offers multiple ways of voting – computer, laptop, or cell phone.
  • Does not allow for ballot errors.
  • Provides faster and more accurate election results.
  • Addresses the lack of transportation as an issue not to vote, as you can vote from the comfort of your home.
  • Does not allow for spoiled ballots.
  • Is highly secure, so be confident that the election will not be compromised.
  • Sends out email invitations to vote, educates them on the simplicity of how to vote, and reminders so that voters don’t forget to vote.
  • Is harnessed by a team that provides you with superior customer service.

Your association strives for excellence in your field. Likewise, Reliable Voting is dedicated to excellence in providing your members with an easy to use, fully managed, and secure voting experience. It is our commitment to you that we provide your members with the best voting experience possible.

Professional Associations – Doctors, Dentists, Geoscientists, Land Surveyors, Architects, Foresters, Engineers, Teachers, Human Resources, Law Societies, Accounting, and others

Designation-granting Associations – Your members understand the desirableness of your designation. We insure this integrity is maintained by our secure preparation, reliable execution of the voting process and prompt results.

Member-benefit associations – We strive for your member satisfaction. Extend your membership retention and growth by increasing their participation rate in digital elections. We maintain your credibility by providing and independent, third party, fully managed election.

Certifying bodies – We want you to experience continued growth in your certificant base, and bring integrity to your designation with the reliability of our voting process. Let us help manage your elections so that they are smoothly executed, trouble-free and successful.

Professional regulatory bodies – Your concern for the protection of the public is as ours is to the protection of democracy. It is best assured with a safe electoral system that you can trust. Let us earn your confidence with our system that has proved itself.

We also work with:

  • Animal Associations
  • Health Associations
  • Trade and Tourism Associations
  • Music and Performing Arts Associations
  • Sports Associations
  • Realtor Associations
  • Other Associations
Tenants, Shared Owners, Leaseholders and Homeowners
Leadership Elections, Bylaw Changes, Contract Ratifications, Approvals

In order to effectively promote the health, safety and well-being of residents, administrators often have to combat voter apathy. Like you, we are up to the challenge of engaging your members. We help improve your voting participation rate by offering a managed voting platform, and superior customer service. We send out email reminders, verify identities, and work with you to provide a custom solution to your voting needs.

Easy to Administer

  • A dedicated manager helps to organize and implement every facet of the voting process.
  • Voters can vote from anywhere that they have an internet connection.
  • The members can vote on a laptop, computer or smart phone.

Managing the Process

  • Weighted votes are calculated without error.
  • Voting is confidential, reliable and secure.
  • Increase voter participation as we provide and send out custom invitations to vote, reminders, and confirmations.
  • Members identification is securely verified and each member can only vote once.

The Outcomes

  • You receive a detailed numerical and graphical analysis of the vote.
  • Participation rates are calculated.
  • Maintain you integrity with a third party voting platform that is transparent and auditable.

Both professional and amateur sports teams/players need to safeguard the health and safety of players and the stability of the league.

Whether you make ratification votes, are voting for representation, or are voting on other important sports issues/policies, we can maintain the integrity of your sport by providing you with secure third party voting.

  • No counting ballots manually, as each vote is sent to participants email and recorded automatically and matched to the voter.
  • Members can cast ballots on their phones, laptops or computers online at their convenience.

Whether rural or urban, we can capture each vote to illuminate the difficulty in geographical voting.

  • We can create subcommittee voting that deals with each specific issue.

We understand the need to celebrate exemplary performance. If you are voting for athletes receiving trophies or awards, we will report these results to your designated representative securely and promptly.

  • Receive confirmation of voter delivery and overall participation rates.
  • The accountability of the administrator and Reliable Voting can be made available by a third party auditor.

Student Government Elections
Club Elections
Homecomings & Grad

Preparing the Vote
It can be difficult to coordinate the vote logistics using conventional methods particularly when they are held at various times of the year and at various grade levels.

Staff to organize, and tally the vote.

Time off for students to vote
and to physically get them to the voting area,

Resources for manual voting

Securing students’ & staffs’ information.

Teaching Democracy

Although the methods of voting can vary, the principles behind the vote will not.

Democratic teaching encourages students to analyze their humanity, to understand what it means to be tolerant, companionate and respectful, and to learn from each other, to identify social justice and the obstacles to attaining it, and to act with courage in order to follow their convictions.

Free Up Your Time

Our approach is to provide you and your students with a secure, managed, and Reliable voting platform that ensures social distancing.

You receive user friendly, easy to follow election page that students can access at their convenience. They can use a phone, tablet or computer. You provide us with a master-list which is fully deleted from our system after we count the votes and a report is sent to you. No personal information is kept on our site. Data is fully deleted from our system after we count the votes and a report is sent to you. No personal information is kept on our site.

Whether you are negotiating agreements and working conditions for your membership of artists, creators, performers, professionals, and technicians or casting votes for your Board of Directors & Elected Officers, it takes a great deal of man power, money, and energy to manage it.

Your assigned Project Manager will ensure that, from start to finish, you have a secure, organized and reliable digital voting experience, without the need for large numbers of volunteers.

• First Nations in Canada are working towards self-government self- determination and governmental design. We can help simplify your processes.
• Build the scope of community, and enhance community consultation
• Improve Political Participation by connecting the youth and elders, and empower the community to pass its own laws
• Improve voting accessibility

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