10 reasons online voting is the best voting method:




Since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been a shift to people receiving their goods, services and et cetera online. Things like online shopping, online learning, remote work, and so on have become more prevalent. This transition to online includes online voting. Putting voter safety first is vital, and online voting ensures that voters can stay safe, and allow them to remain socially distanced while voting online instead of in person. 




Online elections are incredibly secure, especially when run through a third party election software, much more than a mail-in and in person elections. No ballots are lost in the mail, and are much harder to be tampered with. Auditable third party election with accountability and privacy to ensure that everyone can vote are available with online voting.



Increased Voter Participation 

Reliable Voting saw a 22.4% increase of voter participation rates with the last union election we held. Voter participation tends to rise in digital elections because in person elections have barriers such as long lines and complicated voting procedures. Online elections typically have longer voting periods, and 24/7 voter accessibility.



Multiple Language Accessibility 

Several online voting platforms (including Reliable Voting) are available in multiple languages, and help to remove language barriers for all voters. 



Faster + More Accurate Results

Results in online elections are counted automatically instead of manually, and are counted as people vote, which yields faster results. Manual entry of votes are subject to human error, and more likely to be miscounted because of that. 




With online elections, there is no need to wait in line at ballot boxes (or even at the post office for mail-in voting). Online voting is faster and easier, which will be a relief to voters. It saves individual voters time and effort.



Being Able To Vote At Your Leisure 

Online voting means that voters have the ability to vote any time of day. In person elections  normally have a more limited window of time in which someone can vote. If anyone is sick, has a day off, or is especially busy, then making time to vote in person can become difficult. All a person needs for online voting is an internet connection and 3-5 minutes of their time.



No Spoiled Ballots

If a voter accidentally fills out the wrong information, instead of handing in a spoiled ballot and having their vote remain uncounted, online ballots bounce back right away. This lets voters know that they need to make a correction in order for their vote to be counted.



Environmentally Friendly

If your company prides itself on being green, and environmentally friendly, use online voting. Paper ballots for hundreds, or even thousands of voters can add up over time. With online voting, companies can strive to become more environmentally friendly.



Less Required Labor

In person elections in offices are usually run by employees who take time out of their daily schedules in order to help run the polls. Unlike in person elections, digital elections don’t disrupt office work flow. The election is run through a tireless machine that can work to make the election process easier for everyone.