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Why Amazon Insisted On An In-Person Union Election During A Raging Pandemic

The retail giant says it’s worried about low participation with mail-in ballots. But experts say it’s more about delay and intimidation.

Thousands of Amazon warehouse workers in Alabama will receive ballots next week to vote in a potentially historic union election. They will be casting those votes by mail, over the strenuous objections of Amazon, which is facing its most substantial unionization threat on U.S. soil to date.

…Amazon insisted that workers show up in person at the Bessemer, Alabama, warehouse to cast their votes on whether to join the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU). The surrounding county had a COVID-19 test positivity rate above 12% last week, more than double the 5% rate the NLRB has deemed reasonable to hold in-person union elections.

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Our Take on this piece:

Amazon is attempting to delay the start of union voting by insisting on holding an in person election instead of mail-in voting. While in-person union elections do have a higher turnout than non-union elections, Amazon is allowed to discourage and intimidate their employees into not joining a union until 24 hours before an election starts. A mail-in election would start much sooner than an in-person election, and give them less time to dissuade employees to unionize. An in-person election would also decrease voter turnout, due to the pandemic.

Voting remotely with either online elections and mail-in ballots is far safer due to the pandemic.

Online elections and in-person elections boost voter participation because they’re held online/at your place of work respectively, no visit to the post office necessary.


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